Are we related?

If you are a descendant or a relative of
from Agoo, La Union, in the Philippines,
then this is your blog!

I am his direct descendant who wants to know who else is related to me.
He and his wonderful wife had 9 children. His youngest daughter and 7th child, Carmen F. Aspiras, married Adonis R. Lacho and I am their 5th child. I am now married to Charles Mathews and now known as
Carolyn ASPIRAS Mathews.

Join me if you are a blood relative, either distant or direct. Let's see how prolific our lineage truly is!

My mom told me that my grandfather and the mother of the late
Former Philippine Minister of Tourism,
are first cousins, so he and my mom are second cousins.
He is known to the family as "Pepito or Peping".

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tubao Clan Spotted

Here's another Aspiras dot we should acknowledge:

"I'm Leah Calica from the clan of aspiras, my late grandmother is felicidad aspiras- garcia, her first cousin is, lydia aspiras - reyes-former chief nurse in Quezon memorial hospital, lucena city..her children are, leyden and aldrich reyes...juan apsiras (father of lydia aspiras) and dionisio aspiras (father of my grandma) are brothers...also, salvador aspiras sr. from agoo la union...but we are from tubao."

With Salvador Aspiras, Sr. being from Agoo, La Union, it looks like she is a definite cousin of my grandparents. Welcome, Leah!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

More Spots are Closing the Gaps!

Yes, we found more! A big hearty welcome to Royal Aspiras Feril and his sister, Brigitte! Their mom, Tita Panis Aspiras is closely related to the late Jose D. Aspiras.

Also, here's an update from Eula "Kimmy" Aspiras Abate: (she's such a treasure of info for our lineage!)

"These are the people from the aspiras clan from the side of our great grandparents, Juan Jabarata Aspiras and Gregoria Galvan... They had six(6) children namely Proserfina Galvan Aspiras-Bulalang, Rebecca Galvan Aspiras-Certeza, Samuel Aspiras, Sr.,(which is my grandfather married to Eulalia Suanco), Elizabeth Aspiras, Lydia Aspiras-Reyes and Naomie Aspiras-Eslao.....

These are the rest of the family whom you can find in Facebook....

Arlene Aspiras the younger sister of my uncle Ervin under "Sad Duck"
Mercy aspiras my mother....
Donna Mae Nierra.....the grand daughter of Naomie Aspiras-Eslao
Diane Fae Nierra, Donna's sister
Emma Aspiras, Uncle Ervin's wife
Fray Vesagas, another the grandson of Naomie.
Ruth Vesagas, mother of Fray and Naomie's daughter
Tristan Certeza, grandson of the late Rebecca Aspiras-Certeza

As you can see, the spots are thickening from each Aspiras dotting our lineage. Let's place more of them!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm Seeing Spots! Beautiful Ones, too!

I'm back again... Sa-weet!

Latest news in the ongoing Facebook reunion!

WILHELMINA ROBLES ASPIRAS is the sister of EEMA ASPIRAS. These two beautiful sisters belong to Martin Aspiras, another cousin of Jose D.!

Our lines are getting longer and our spots getting prolific. Now that's how we play the genealogy game! Woot!

Welcome Robles-Aspiras sisters!

Spot Us in Facebook!

Good morning! Well, the news has spread...

The Aspiras clan from all over is having a Facebook reunion!

If you're an Aspiras or know of any Filipino Aspiras, come look us up in Facebook!

All you need to do is:
Sign up on Facebook- It's FREE!!!
Be my friend- Carolyn Aspiras Mathews

Then this is what I do:
I confirm you as my friend
I alert the Aspiras in my friends' list and you'll get more Aspiras friends to welcome!

Pretty easy, right? So, what are you waiting for?

Also found in Facebook, please welcome to the family, EEMA ASPIRAS! She's a sweetie, so make sure you say, hi!

Monday, February 1, 2010

We found more Spots! Yay!!!

Remember Kimmy, well I found her uncle, Ervin! He found this blog and left this comment:

My name is Ervin Aspiras. My roots can be traced from the lineage of my grandfather, Juan Jarabata Aspiras who married Gregoria Galvan Lopez. He came from Agoo, La Union but migrated to Zamboanga City during the term of President Quirino. I am also trying to trace my roots.

Joe Aspiras, former Tourism Secretary was the second cousin of my father. My grandfather Juan Aspiras is related to the former Archbishop Mariano Madriaga (I think they were first cousins.).

He also has a site for our continuing search.

You know I'll be looking into that!

And then we got this from JOANNA RIZZA ASPIRAS BAGANO:

I'm JOANA RIZZA ASPIRAS BAGANO from La Trinidad, Benguet. I don't know how we are related but I'll give a few things about my ancestry. My grandfather is Teodoro M. Aspiras, well, the middle name is Mendoza. He passed away last 2001. My grandmother's name is Fortunata D. Aspiras (the D stands for Dacanay). My grandfather is a native of Agoo, La Union. Some of my relatives say that we are somehow related o Philippine TV broadcast journalist, Jessica A. Soho. Well they say her A stands for Aspiras. I'm not sure but her family lives quite near us in Agoo.


I'm Harlene Shane Aspiras from Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro. I don't know how we are related, but my grandfather told me that we came from the Aspiras of Northern part of Luzon. Most of our families there are "Ilocanos". They also said that all aspiras families are related but have lived to different places.


Hi! Anne here from ParaƱaque, My father's name Benito Basilio Aspiras I dont know if were related but he's also from Agoo, La Union I dont have details about my roots but he told me once that he's related to Jose Dacanay Aspiras I'm not sure but he once told me that Joe Aspiras was he's ucle, younger brother of his father. You can check my photos at

Friendster: Ana Concepcion Aspiras.

Sa-weet deal!!!

And look, a closer "spot" to mine from GRACE ESTACIO, a definite close relative!
Hello, my name is Grace M. Estacio,33, single.. My Father, Manuel N. Estacio hails from Agoo,La Union. According to him, we are distant relative of the Aspiras-Estacio clan. I know the house of Your Lolo Jose,coz whenever we visit our uncles when i was young, we pass by that house, near the park.. my Father's ancestral house is just few streets from your lolo Jose's house... I hope this would be the start of a great friendship. We are now leaving here in SOlano,nueva Vizcaya, region 2, Philippines.. Thanks and God Bless.

You read it here, folks... Our map is filling in and I hope to fill it more until we have located all the Aspiras in the world!

Another Spot to Spot!

Hello again!

Tonight, I had the pleasure of chatting with EULA "Kimmy" JOY ASPIRAS ABATE in Facebook. She is so wonderful! Her line is thru the La Union native, Juan ASPIRAS, her great grandfather, whose son bore Samuel ASPIRAS, Sr.

Her father is Samuel ASPIRAS, Jr. who is the brother of Ervin ASPIRAS, one of the earlier Aspiras families I found online! What a small world!

It was so wonderful to know that her son, Yeshua Reign Aspiras Abate (Yeshua is Jesus in Hebrew) looks a lot like my son Ian Charles and that I look a lot like one of her aunts! I even look like her cousin, DONNA MAE ASPIRAS ESLAO NIERRA.

So cool!

Update: Kimmy commented and added more names! Yay!
"You can find my brother Edrick Jayce Alejandro Aspiras in Facebook....and my first cousin Earl John Dennis Aspiras who is the only son of my Uncle Ervin Aspiras..."

So... If you are an Aspiras, from the Philippines, and you've heard La Union, Agoo mentioned more than once, most likely we are kin! Find me in Facebook and let's find your "spot" in our genealogical map!

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Big Boo-Boo!

Hello again you lovely Aspiras peeps! I apologize for the lack of updates, but this one, needs to be dealt with and ASAP!

Well, sometimes with genealogy work, information gets confused... (old concept, right?)

Such case happened to my cousin, Juan Torrecarrion Aspiras who is currently in love with a lovely Dittas whom he reconnected with in Facebook.

The mistake was done by myself and the person who gave me the information.

You see, JT was only married and divorced twice and has 5 children. But Dittas was and still is his true love and so it was rather kismet (fate) that they found each other and once again, fell in love. But this one mistake, where I labeled his long former Korean girlfriend, his third wife. A big mistake on my part for not verifying it with JT.

Big because now that JT has Dittas back in his life, he wants her to stay there... JT loves Dittas very much and I am more than happy to correct my "big boo-boo" to help these two lovebirds who should have been together this whole time.

Dittas, JT... I offer my sincerest apology and glad that this mistake can be corrected and erased from our family history. (Though I would love to see Dittas be a part of this blog, as a relative. *wink*)

May you forgive my lack of sleuth savvy for forgetting to get my "facts straight"...

To all the other Aspiras, look me up on Facebook, Carolyn Aspiras Mathews! I'd love to meet you all!